Detection and imaging of circulating tumour cells – a novel approach using nanoprobes and microscopy as diagnostic tools

Malmö University (MU), Phase Holographic Imaging AB, Truly Translational, ImaGene-iT


Detection of tumor biomarkers based on MIP-antibody proximity ligation assays and fluorescent synthetic nanoprobes

Malmö University (MU), Uppsala University (UU), Umeå University (UMU), ImaGene-iT (ImaGene) and Phase Holographic Imaging AB (PHIAB).


Non-invasive monitoring of skin-disorders progression and healing – a low molecular weight biomarker approach

Malmö University (MU), 7 companies, ImaGene-iT, Chemotechnique Diagnostics, Chromalytica, Bioglan, In Vitro Planttech, Scibase, Medibiome


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