Laboratory facilities

With equipment for tissue preparation, slide mounting and labelling.



Confocal Microscope Zeiss LSM800

Equipped with motorized stage for tiling, Airyscan detector for
high resolution intracellular imaging and a high sensitivity camera for fluorescence detection.



NIR detection

Cancer cells labelled with a NIR probe are checked with a NIR equipped microscope before inoculation.
Tumor growth is monitored during in vivo experiment.
After the animal is sacrificed the tumor and other organs are harvested and NIR tissue can be detected on a cellular level.
Other fluorescens labelling can be done with complementing markers.



Digital Pathology

Share scanned images with both overview of whole tissue and of full resolution with pathologist.
Annotations done by the pathologist is saved.
Automatic extraction of annotated regions of interest is fed to the quantitation step for further analysis.



Integrate other experimental and clinical data with the imaging results.
Customize the analysis to project specific needs by using all the available packages the R statistical open source environment.
Combine with image analysis software such as ImageJ, QPath and Orbit to get quality data from images.