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We also do shorter training sessions, typically one day, with more specialized topics.
We can do these at our office or at a location suitable for your students.
We currently offer the below courses but can modify them to accommodate your needs:

  • Image processing and analysis with ImageJ
    Four hours presentation followed by four hours with practical hands-on assignments with real research images
    Can be complemented with more in depth training on Macro programming
  • Fluorescence microscopy
    Half day lecture/discussion fluorescence & fluorescence microscope
    Half day lecture/discussion experimental methods
    Can be complemented with hands-on training on our own or your equipment, including microphotography
  •  Immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry
    Halvdag föreläsning IF/IHC, celler, vävnader, wholemounts
    Halvdag seminarium/diskussion utifrån deltagarnas projekt
    som kan kompletteras med
    Immunofluorescens, dubbel + kärnfärgning, vävnadssnitt (LAB)
    Immunofluorescens, dubbel + kärnfärgning, celler (LAB)
    Immunohistokemi + kärnfärgning, vävnadssnitt (LAB)