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Live cell imageOur course in live cell imaging is intended to give you a good starting point for your microscopy anlyses of live specimens. It gives an introduction to the basic microscopical techniques with focus on widefield epifluorescence and confocal microscopy, and to sample preparation with focus on cell culture including labeling and transfection strategies. The course is aimed at novices, as well as experienced scientists.

Read about the course we arranged last time here!


The course contains:

Day 1, am:    Theory 1 Microscopy, labeling, specimen preparation

Day 1, pm:    Case study; Demo live cell widefield microscopy

Day 2, am:    Demo confocal microscopy

Day 2, pm:    Demo widefield deconvolution microscopy

Day 3, am:    Live cell widefield microscopy (hands-on)

Day 3, pm:    Demo phase holographic microscopy of live cells

Day 4, am:    Demo live cell confocal microscopy

Day 5, am:    Theory 2 Microscope optics, detectors, alternative and supplementary methods

Day 5, pm:    Participants’ project presentations & discussion