Bo Holmqvist, CSO, Docent, Experimental pathology.

20+ years’ experience in scientific research and teaching.
Former manager of the Confocal Microscopy facility at the Dept. of Pathology, and of the optical unit at Lund Bioimaging Center, Lund University.
Fields of experience and expertise: Optical imaging analysis and experimental strategies  in neurobiology, developmental biology, molecular biology, oncology, immunology; Principal Investigator 2005-2009.
Founder of ImaGene-iT  in 2005.

 +46 (0)70 984 9338                bo(a)



Anders Brinte, CEO, MSc Mechanical Engineering

More than 15 years of experience of international sales and business development.
Long experience of computers, system design and software development.
Responsible for developing project specific analysis tools for quantification of data in images obtained in microscopes.


+46 (0)70 240 0881         anders(a)



Christina Elven 734x1040

Christina Elvén, Laboratory Technician

Bachelor in Biomedical Laboratory Science focusing on Histopathological Methodology.
Experience in pathology, quality development and accreditation, teaching and student supervision.





Nataliya Lutay WP

Nataliya Lutay, Laboratory Technician, PhD

PhD in Biochemistry/Biology.
7 years of academic and research experience at Lund University and hands-on experience in Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics.
Proficient in a broad range of wet-lab techniques.
Proven competence in the design, execution and analysis of experiments, writing research papers and grants applications. 18 publications in high impact scientific journals.

+46 (0)73 649 3344              nataliya(a)


Lise-Lotte Kuré, Laboratory Technician, BMA

Bachelor’s degree in biomedical laboratory science 2018 at Malmö University. Several years of experience in team leadership and LEAN sig sigma methodology from process industry.






Per Holmqvist, Laboratory Assistant








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